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LOUISVILLE, KY – The Complete Streets for Louisville Coalition is celebrating Metro Council’s overwhelming support and passage of the strengthened complete streets ordinance  (O-267-19), sponsored by Council President David James.

“Complete streets” is a term to describe roads that allow safe and convenient travel for everyone who uses them and for all modes of transportation. The strengthened ordinance prioritizes transparency, public input, and equity and calls for all future road construction and reconstruction projects to make a street safe for all users, whether they are walking, using a wheelchair, driving, or riding a bike.

“The streets of our cities and towns are a vital part of the “livability” of our communities, and should therefore be designed for all who need to use them – at any age and any modality” said Rita Morrow, volunteer with AARP Kentucky. “By using the most up-to-date guidelines and best practices, local transportation planners and engineers will be able to design and build safe and well-planned streets based on what is best for our community. If a community is fit for an 80-year-old, it will be fit for an 8-year-old.”

“Research shows that out need for safe public infrastructure will only increase as our population grows and ages. Safe, healthy neighborhoods support vibrant communities where all people can reach their full potential and contribute to economic growth,” said Gordon Garner, interim executive director of Center for Neighborhoods. “This policy has strong community engagement and public reporting components, which are important to both educator the public and communicate the positive steps that Louisville Metro is taking to enhance public safety and access.”

“This summer, I joined two walk audits led by Emilee McCubbins to see firsthand how easy or difficult it is to get around in a neighborhood safely. We looked for safe sidewalks, clearly marked crosswalks, clean environments, and community members,” said Noa Weiss, 6th grade student at Meyzeek Middle School. “I support complete streets because it helps keep people safe and lets them get where they want to go whether that is school, work, or home.”

“Complete streets give an opportunity to all Louisvillians to be able to access all parts of the community,” said David Allgood, director of advocacy for the Center for Accessible Living. “Passage of this ordinance shows inclusivity for all members of the Louisville community, regardless of their abilities.”

“Fair and affordable housing includes safe neighborhoods and the ability to get to jobs, amenities and cultural and educational opportunities,” said Cathy Hinko, executive director of the Metropolitan Housing Coalition. “No resident in our city should have to risk their lives in order to cross the street to catch the bus, ride their bike to work, or walk to the store. Yet, data tell us that some parts of our city are much more dangerous for pedestrians. This Complete Streets ordinance sets clear performance measures that will help address this inequity.”

“Thank you to Council President David James and other council members for passing the updated complete streets ordinance by a vote of 22-1,” said Shannon Smith, Government Relations Director of American Heart Association Kentucky. “This ordinance ensures safety and equity for all, leading to fewer pedestrian collisions while allowing people safe-walkable neighborhoods to be more physically active.  When people can easily walk, bike, and shop in their neighborhood, it benefits the entire community.”

“We are grateful to Council President David James for championing this effort to improve the health and safety of Louisville residents. We are proud of our partners in the Complete Streets for Louisville Coalition who shared their stories, participated in walk audits, and spoke out in support of the ordinance. This was a true community effort and a big step forward in making our streets safer for everyone,” said Patricia Tennen, Chief Operating Officer of Kentucky Youth Advocates.

Learn more about the Complete Streets for Louisville Coalition at View the Complete Streets Ordinance here.